Bowie Sound + Vision

The hows & whys of the David Bowie Sound + Vision re-release campaign - 25 years later

It Was 26 Years Ago Today! Pt 0

26 years ago today, the original David Bowie Sound & Vision box was released.

A year ago, almost to the day of the 25th Anniversary, Rhino Records pooped out an even more squished down version of the expanded version EMI released in 2003 with little fanfare (a year later, Amazon doesn't even sell it themselves, preferring to let 3rd party suppliers handle it).

The original hero, the subsequent... (HINT: it rhymes)

The original hero, the subsequent... (HINT: it rhymes)

Around the same time in 2014, I intended to launch my website, but of course it took me over a month longer to launch the site, and I'm egregiously behind in updating it (more on this later).

Today Rhino is releasing another box set, a $100+ 12 disc set (but already quickly falling) of what they mistakenly call "all of the material officially released" in the the period between Space Oddity through Pin-Ups, the vast majority of which you already own, and only the first three albums and "Pin-Ups" are remastered - which are all available individually.

There are no bonus tracks appended to the albums, instead Five Years comes with Re:Call 1 an exclusive two disc compilation of non-album singles, single versions and B-sides. All of this stuff was on the Rykodisc remasters except Re:Call 1 does include a previously unreleased SINGLE EDIT of All The Madmen (ooooh missus!), and the original single version of Holy Holy, which we asked for, but Bowie didn't let us include. And of course they missed stuff, too.

In honor of all these "events" I will be updating the site with three (loooong - and long overdue) Bowie posts this weekend, starting tonight.